As with any certification, the Capacity for European Social and Cultural Innovation is defined by :

- The skills it enables the acquisition of
- And the added value it offers for professional mobility and employment.

For a complete overview of certification, including the evaluation process, you can consult the official form issued by the French National Commission for Professional Certification.

How to obtain the certification?

The Capacity for European Cultural and Social Innovation allows you to have a set of competences acquired in the framework of your professional career recognised and to valorise your practices of effective and future European cooperation.

Whether you follow a training course with the Relais Culture Europe or whether you wish to valorise your acquired skills as a free candidate, the certification is obtained following an examination with an independent jury.

To remember

The Relais Culture Europe offers support in this certification process, taking stock with you to define when you are ready to present yourself in front of the jury, in October or June each year.

 Calendar 2020

Jury session: 5 and 6 February 2020 (2019's session postponed following the strikes in France)

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Noemie Eckert

Learning Lab project manager