A 2 x 3-day training programme, to explore new avenues of cultural action with high European added value.

You are seeking to develop a new professional project, linked to cultural innovation, but you do not know which creative method to follow? You think that Europe and its challenges constitute an unparalleled territory for experiment and transformation?

And if you came to rub your ideas and doubts up against those of other actors in cultural projects? Over 2 sessions, each of 3 days, you will discover emerging practices and you will work collectively, to shape together viable cultural projects, that convey sense and transformation!

During these 6 days of training and exchange, you will develop four types of indispensable competence for the success of your European cultural projects.

In short

  • 42h
  • 10 to 15 participants
  • Language: French & English
  • Certified course
  • Cost: 1.800 Euros
  • Contact us for a personalized estimate

Calendar 2021

April - May 2021 session:

    Module 1 : Wednesday 7 to Friday 9 April 2021
    Module 2: Wednesday 5 to Friday 7 May 2021

June - July 2021 session:

    Module 1 : Wednesday 9 to Friday 11 June 2021
    Module 2: Wednesday 30 June to Friday 2 July 2021

November - December 2021 session:

    Module 1 : Wednesday 3 to Friday 5 November 2021
    Module 2: Wednesday 1 to Friday 3 December 2020


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