Report on the 4th i-team week 2020-2021

i-team, i-team 2020/2021

The 4th week of i-team 2020-2021 ended on Friday 2 April. During these 5 days, the group continued its explorations around the sound essay. The intervention of Camille Pageard, art historian and co-director with Giulia Crisci of the podcasts "Il limone lunare", allowed to approach the possibilities of activation of archives through the work of sound. In small groups of reflection, the realization of sound tests could be started, thus allowing to put into practice the collaboration on the making of an object and a common purpose. In parallel and in synergy, the exchanges on praxis continued, focusing on a reflection on the ethics and value of work. The i-team 2020-2021 class will meet again from 10 to 14 May for the 5th week of the programme.