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Communiteam meeting: getting organised collectively


The Communiteam met online on Wednesday, May 6 to discuss the context, analyse it and imagine together what to do next. The proposal was to share common questions and explore the following issues: How can we continue the exchange of resources between us? How can we imagine new forms of support for each other's initiatives? How can we open a broad and open European debate? What new solidarities are being organised? How can we support and strengthen these solidarities? 


The members of the Communiteam, from their own territories and unique frameworks of activities, shared their reading of this reality, of the risks and emergences that have appeared at different scales, from the micro local to the international, and pointed out some strong themes: the economy, the local/international relationship, the emergence of territories productive of transformation, research and the need for meaning, ethics, sustainable development, the quantitative/qualitative paradigm shift, new cooperative relationships and the place of the collective, the role of art, creation and culture, commitment and solidarity, relations with institutions, public policies and public service.