An annual 6-week training across Europe to strengthen our capacities for European cultural and social innovation

How are cultural projects managed in Kiev? How does collective thinking arise among cultural actors in Palermo? What Europe is being born in the streets of Sarajevo ? What resources have to be brought into play to mount a project in Nicosia? How can a European cultural project design and bring about another vision of Europe, more human and democratic?

The itinerant training of I-team takes you on a real European adventure: new practices, experiments, deeper thinking about the links between culture and territory, between culture and politics...

The training takes place over the period of one year and consists of 6 weeks, each of 1 week, taking place in several European cities.

6 «steps» to question ourselves, open up to new perspectives, imagine new resolutions to problems and construct new European cultural projects.

With i-team, develop your field of competences and transform!

This programme may participate in the "European Social and Cultural Innovation Capacity" certification scheme awarded by an independent jury.

In short

  • 210h
  • 15 to 20 participants
  • Languages: French and English
  • Certified course
  • Pedagogical cost: 6.600 Euros
  • Contact us for a personalized estimate

Calendar 2020-2021

  • 2 - 6 November 2020 - EUROPE
  • 7 - 11 December 2020 - PARIS
  • 1 - 5 February 2021 - EUROPE
  • 29 March - 2 April 2021 - EUROPE
  • 10 - 14 May 2021 - PARIS
  • 21- 25 June 2021 - EUROPE



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