Luca Cinquemani

Researcher and artist, Palermo

Luca Cinquemani holds a Ph.D in  European  Cultural  Studies from  the  University  of  Palermo  and the University of Düsseldorf with  a  thesis on the philosophy of Giorgio  Agamben. His research interests include ‒ beyond  political  philosophy ‒ the  relation  between  the  arts,  digital technologies  and  capitalism, postcolonial studies and the relational aesthetics.  He  is  an  assistant  at  the University  of  Palermo (Cinema  and  media)  and  at  the  Accademia di Belle Arti  di  Palermo  (Contemporary  Art).  He  is  a  member  of  the  art  collective  ‘Fare  Ala’,  which  through  site  and  communityspecific  artistic  practices, deals with thematics such as building speculation, migrants’ conditions, Italy’s colonial and fascist past and the workers’ struggles".