A laboratory for engaging in a European cultural democracy

If Europe was no more than the sum of its states, economies and institutions it would waste away. Behind Europe there are clear values and projects : why are we constructing Europe ? In what ways is it important? In this, culture emerges as highly political it contributes to the creation of a project for society. Culture in this way becomes a way of formulating and experimenting with active new responses, in the face of great challenges for European society. This is the perspective that training with Learning Lab addresses.

Europe at the heart of the reflection

With us, you will not just learn about how to manage projects or the way European institutions function.


Our offer is elsewhere: it is abouts rethinking the modes and logic of our work, by opening our eyes to new horizons on a European, indeed global, scale.


At stake: the emergence of innovative projects and social and cultural responses, while constantly aiming for the upsurge of a Europe of greater optimism and solidarity.

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